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May 7th, 2019

The best vinyl plank flooring is actually the one that does not have any vinyl in it. There are just some disadvantages that you would have to deal with, if you were to invest in vinyl rather than cork. Opting for cork flooring and more specifically, fusion cork, you benefit from the best out of both worlds.

We are talking about all the advantages that come together – the ones associated with cork and the ones associated with vinyl. The best part about it is that these planks do not contain any vinyl, which means that you would be able to install the floor and use cork underlayment. This would not be possible if you were to rely on vinyl only. An important advantage you would benefit from in this case is that the planks do not require the regular maintenance associated with regular cork floors. This means that you will not have to reapply a finish coat every few years. 

Nevertheless, when it comes to what your life will be like once you have decided to install cork floors into your home, let’s talk about a few of the interesting changes that you will notice. First of all, when you walk on the floor while being barefoot, you will get a warm feeling. This means that you will truly enjoy the sensation that you get every single time you have to go from one room to another. You will choose not to wear any shoes, because it is so pleasant. At the same time, if you were wearing shoes, you would not be making any noise, even if you had high heels.

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One of the major facts that you need to keep in mind regarding a cork floor is that this is one of the best soundproofing floors you can opt for. Surely there are times when you hope that the children or any other family members would stop making noise so that you could get some rest.

Well, from the moment you install cork into your home, you will no longer have to worry about too much noise. When you walk on the floor, it will absorb the sound of your footsteps. When you laugh and make noise, the people in the room above will not be disturbed. These are just a few examples of how your life will improve once you invest in cork floor. It would be recommended that you find out more about the different types of flooring options associated with cork. 

In fewer words, when you invest in cork tiles, you can choose to have a glued down floor or a floating one. The glued down one is more suitable for the bathroom, while the floating one is great for the basement. The interesting fact that you should learn about cork is that it can be installed in the entire home. If you want to, to benefit from further advantages, you can even place the cork tiles on walls. One of the advantages associated with this case would be a higher level of noise reduction as well as thermal insulation.

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